Holistic Facial:

Our holistic facials are sold individually or as packages. They begin with an individual skin analysis and holistic questionnaire that considers all the contributing factors to skin health. During the treatment custom oils, masks, exfoliants and blends are created for each skin type. The treatment uses crystal rollers to massage the lymphatic draining creating a natural glow and promoting oxidization.  We discuss nutritional advice and environmental toxins and its influence on our skin’s health. The treatment can easily incorporate a reiki or bars treatment while you are enjoying a holistic mask. This facial address the holistic elements of skin care. It emphasizes the importance of self-care and how pivotal it is to our overall well being. By learning to use daily strategies and holistic habits to incorporate more self-love in your day you develop more self-love and practice honoring yourself.

Holistic Counselling:

Holistic counselling involves one-on-one consultations that uses exercises to identify your deep rooted beliefs systems. We in turn select the ones we want to maintain and improve the ones that are currently limiting us. While learning how to discover our beliefs and use a wide variety of tools and resources to integrate beneficial ones, you develop the skill set to evaluate your beliefs and uproot, improve and design new ones.  This is a tool that will continue to serve you and others for the rest of your lives.  You will observe the way your beliefs are attracting and creating your realities.

Yoga Classes:

We will be practicing the “breath into motion” sequences. Their are three levels of 90 minute classes that increase in difficulty and stamina. This yoga regimen focuses of exercise prescription to help individuals use movement therapy to  promote recovery from injuries and neutralize their pain symptoms.

The yoga series can also be improvised to suit specific goals such as stress and anxiety reduction, strength or flexibility training, etc..  The Yoga in instructed with Dharma talks weaved throughout and examines the spiritual aspects of the asanas. We use breath techniques and learn to quiet and tame the mind during our regiment. The class is followed by a meditation and herbal teas are offered.