Energy Healing

Energy Healing and it's Purpose:

Energy Healing is a natural system of holistic healing. This energy is the life force that permeates the universe. The practice of energy healing is that of becoming whole on all levels of being, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Illness happens when the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced. Energy healing is a means to empowering us to become whole in all ways. Another purpose of energy healing is to help enhance personal and spiritual evolution and to assist on the path to enlightenment. The use of energy healing as a relaxation and stress reducing technique is becoming increasingly accepted and widespread.

What happens during Energy Healing:

The practitioner places her hands softly on the body or just above the body. The practitioner channels healing energy while placing their hands over a series of locations on the recipients body. Healing energy flows through the practitioner but is not generated by the practitioner therefore does not deplete the practitioners own energy supplies. Advanced energy practitioner can do treatments without physical contact , such as distant treatment. Energy healing works with you to restore energetic balance and repair blockages and tears in the energy field. People often receive great benefit from a single treatment but the greatest effect comes from frequent treatments.

What does Energy Healing Do?

Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores or balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

What are the benefits of energy healing?
1. Deep Relaxation
2. Improves Sleep
3. Relieves Physical Pain, Stiffness and Tension
4. Accelerates natural healing of wounds
5. Energizes you when drained; physically and mentally
6. Reduces Stress
7. Gradually clears up chronic problems
8. Helps to prevent the development of disease
9. Detoxifies the body and improves health
10. Dissolves energy blockages physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
11. Releases emotional wounds
12. Helps change negative conditioning and behaviour
13. Improves concentration and mental clarity

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