Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT)


EFT also known as "tapping" has increasingly become a valuable resource of mental health advocate and wellness gurus! It is best known through Gary Craig's EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s. Tapping has also gained recognition and popularity through famous youtubers such as Gala Darling and Brad Yates.  It is one of the most intensely researched holistic treatment modality by scientists and professors.  The emotional freedom technique is a form of self-administered holistic healing. It combines acupuncture and neuro-linguistic programing therapy to facilitate the development of new beliefs and perspectives replacing those that have caused an imbalance in our lives.


EFT is beneficial is helping your body release build up energy "chi" that has remained stagnant and unprocessed. When we experience stress, trauma or retain negative beliefs it can often result in chi being held captive in your bodies meridian fields. This often occurs when those experiences or beliefs have not been properly expressed or have unfortunately been suppressed.  This retention of energy in our meridian field can manifest dis-ease in our overall health and resurface through a variety of imbalances both mental, physical and spiritual.

Research conducted by Dr. Feinstein demonstrated that by "tapping" with your fingers using acupuncture on specific meridian points on your body can " successfully released the emotional pain associated with traumatic memories". By tapping on certain meridian point on your body while verbalizing  and intentionally releasing whatever is no longer serving you, you are able to let go of whatever has been an obstacle or block to your holistic health. You are then able to reprogram your mind by finding closure in expressing your build up energy and creating a new belief or perspective that is more serving to our personal goals. During a typical EFT treatment the client identifies an imbalance in their live and uses their fingers to apply acupressure on meridian points on our body that releases the build up energies and reprograms your subconscious beliefs by eliminating those limiting beliefs and replacing them with affirmations that will serve your highest self.

EFT has been known for uprooting deep seeded limiting beliefs and emotional responces from our conscious and subconscious mind while implanting positive affirmations and perspectives that will bring balance and harmony to our lives.

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