Our Approach

At Holistic Alignment our vision is to nourish all aspect of your health. We see how each element of health influences and collaborates with the others. By strengthening one component we are developing the other areas of health simultaneously. However, we also recognise that everybody has a different version of holistic health that is based on their own lifestyle, preferences and objectives. By customizing your own holistic health goals on a multidimensional level, individuals are able to reconnect with a holistically aligned lifestyle. We believe in establishing a balanced foundation in mind-body-soul.

Our philosophy is that in order to experience lasting holistic health, you must have a healthy mind, strong body and a loving connection to your soul.  When we prioritize these three pillars of health and create an alignment between this trilogy, we honor the divers contributors of wellness.

The benefit of individuals being able to customise your treatment modalities and packages is that you can intuitively design the most productive healing. If you want to use yoga as exercise prescription and incorporate reiki or a dharma talk afterwards it's totally up to you. If you want extra self-care and a holistic facial with nutritional consultation is appealing to you - treat yourself to some self-love! We are here to provide you with your custom holistic alignment providing therapies and treatments for you mind-body and soul.

My Story...

I have always had a passion for psychology and helping others for as long as I can remember. However my interest in Holistic health began in 2013 when life presented me with what I perceived as a series of major "setbacks". I was removing myself from an unhealthy situation and felt like I now had to start my life over. I felt defeated and frustrated and how "difficult" life had been for me. I quickly spiralled into the role of being a martyr. I felt anxiety and depression effect crippling my lifestyle. After trying avoidance, escapism and denial I was finally exhausted of those dead end results. I then discovered yoga and nutrition. After incorporating manageable improvements to my diet, level of physical activity and self-care my mental health also began to flourish.  I quickly appreciated the correlation between each aspect of health and was called to create a program that included them all. I believe that the first step to find your own holistic alignment is by mastering your beliefs. While I was beginning my ongoing journey to my holistic alignment I found that by identifying and removing the limiting beliefs I carried and reprogramming my mind with beliefs that will support and uplift me, I was lucky to be able to "start over" and rebuild by live instilling beliefs that I wanted to internalise. I learned how we can recreate our lives by our beliefs. We can "cherry-pick" our new beliefs and rebuild our psyche. With the use of EFT, Reiki/Bars, Yoga and holistic self-care regiments we are all able to be our authentic selves in holistic alignment.



Meet the Team

Our team's main focus is to help other on their own journey to their alignment of holistic care. We truly care about your individual needs and strive to exceed them. We want to ensure ALL of your holistic health needs and met so you can show to the world being the best version of yourself. Ultimately we believe in providing you with the tools to create your style of holistic alignment so you can continue to manifest your desired reality and teach you how to be your own holistic health practitioner.

Natalie Red

Natalie Thibodeau

Natalie has completed an intensive two year "Certified Holistic Health Practitioner" program. She is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and incorporates a holistic approach to in her  yoga sequences.  Having completed Reiki level I & II and a Access consciousness (BARS) they can be infused in the services of our choice. Natalie also successfully graduated from a Holistic Facialist  course that provides tool for self-care and increases self-love.

I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I love deepening my yoga practice, finding silence in meditation and creating nutritious meals. I believe my purpose is to pursuing my holistic journey with friends and likeminded people. I enjoy being  going on hikes and having picnics near waterfalls. I recharge by playing volleyball, snowboarding and canoeing. I definitely love music and find it very therapeutic and expressive. Where words fail - music speaks.

Misty profile

Mystical "Misty"

Misty was adopted from the Guelph Human Society in February of 2019. She is a very free spirited and playful kitten. Miss Misty was born mid September of 2018 in North Bay. She is the honorary mascot of "Holistic Alignment". Like many kittens she reminds us of the importance of harnessing your "power" and expressing our wants/desires without guilt or shame.

" I have lived with several Zen Masters - all of them cats"

- Eckhart Tolle

Get Aligned !

Join us in discovering of holistic alignment and feel empowered about your mental-physical and spiritual health! Contact us to request a quote on services or custom packages...