Diego Dalla Palma

Detox Facial

A holistic detox facial consisting with beautiful natural products which consist of an active ingredient called celldetoxum. This ingredient in the products assists the cell is detoxing toxins and purifies your complexion.


Revitalising anti-age treatment

Revitalizing anti-age treatment consists of a revitalizing anti-age mask with an active ingredient of silver micro-dust that gives skin a new lease on life and protects its barrier function, leaving it softer & revitalized.


Whitelight Facial

Whitelight spot targeting facial is a Ultra concentrated brightening treatment, to reduce dark spots and imperfections. It consists of an active ingredients phytic acid and Prowhite B Spheres evening out your complexion. This is a brightening and lightening facial ideal for age spots and hyper pigmentation.



What is Diego Dalla Palma?

RVB Products

RVB Skinlab, Diego Dalla Palma created in Italy, Dermocosmetic Science, professional quality products, for all skin types, advanced skin care formulation. RVB Stands for Research Value and Beauty and is a skin care line which is in the finest salons in Europe and World wide. RVB is a skin care line that brings the latest research and ingredients to your skin fighting free radicals and bringing the skin back into balance.

rvb professional

RVB 51+3 is a multivitamin for your skin!

RVB Skinlab 51+HYALU COMPLEX an exclusive registered trademark with a revitalizing multi-active action. Containing 51 cosmetic ingredients, plus 3 Hyaluronic acids for multi-level hydration.

  •  20 AMINO ACIDS - Important for all skin cell activities
  •  16 VITAMINS needed to support skin cell metabolism
  •   6 Trace elements and minerals for cell protection
  •  Effective and Proven results, increased Collagen Production, increased Elastin and  hydration.

Book package of 4 week facial treatment and receive $80.00 of products for homecare!

Our facial line is a corrective and changing line. Anyone interesting in targeting specific problematic target areas will greatly benefit from an intensive 4 week treatment program with weekly facials while using our home care products for daily maintenance! Receive a gift of $80.00 of RVB products of your choice for your home care regime to support long term results of treatments.