About me and how it all began!

Hello everyone and WELCOME to Holistic Alignment! My name is Natalie Thibodeau. I felt called to create an environment that truly incorporates wellness from a holistic perspective. I want people to enjoy the physicality , the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health.  The reason and purpose I had behind creating holistic Alignment is because I have learned that the only way to truly be healthy and become the best version of yourself you have to honor and care for yourself holistically. If you only attend to one aspect of health, for exam the physical element and work out, but have a poor diet, lack self-care and have a negative mindset, this will limit your opportunity to experience holistic alignment. When you become aware of ways to improve your health holistically you are breaking down and deconstructing blocks, limiting beliefs, habits and routines that are keeping you stagnant.

Back in 2012 when I was going through a major transformation in my life, I was in a very dark and dense energy / mindset. I was in unhealthy relationships and situations that where hindering my overall health. I had a subconscious belief that I was unworthy and not enough. I discovered this rippled  into every aspect of my life. My negative perspective on my life affected my physical health, I had no energy, was skipping workouts, felt very lethargic. I was eating poorly, did not have intention or an awareness/consciousness to what I was nourishing myself with. I was pushing away all of my friends and family and neglecting my social life. I had no connection to myself spiritually whatsoever, I was almost repressing what I needed to express the most. What I’ve learnt from that experience, was that my original limiting belief, of not being worthy not only created that manifestation, but that unbalanced belief in my unhealthy mindset stained other elements of my health. It made it harder to pull myself out of this unhealthy situation. So what I want to provide to others, is tools and resources everyone can use to identify what beliefs are limiting their holistic health and modify or improve them. Once we can select and become discerning with our beliefs and perspectives we can harness an environment for holistic alignment to blossom. You’re healthy mindset and beliefs systems will assist you in creating a workout routine, diet plan and holistic habits that serve you. Our main focus is on psychology and how use that to empower ourselves. However, I also believe that each elements supports and influences each other. You can use food and exercise to help you raise your vibration and improve your mood and emotional health. We use each aspect and tool of holistic health to find everyone’s individual alignment.

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